Sarah NotTheDishes

1. Don't be dumb. 2. Don't fall over.

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23 September 1984
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PRO: Green sweaters, waltzes, the month of September, gnocchi, driving a stick shift, beer made out of wheat, talking about words, 'shipping actual historical couples.

ANTI: Brown sodas, limp handshakes, being cold, attempting to be hip, that bumper sticker I saw that said, "Faerie Folk Against Bush." Faerie folk in general. Bush. So original!

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ümlauts, π, , 3.14, 30 rock, 9/23/84, alcohol, all-night diners, anne of green gables, asheville, atlanta, baby fishmouth, being morbid, bibliophilia, biography, blue ink, books, caffeine, cat and girl, cheesebread, codka made of fishieeeeeees!, cooking, crosswords, decatur, dolly parton, dorothy parker, elizabeth bishop, entertainment weekly, fictive kin, food, girls, god i hate rent, good beer, green sweaters, hampshire college, harry potter, ho-yay!, indie pop, jabigail!, jenny lewis, johnny cash, kate winslet, kitties, lactose, language, lip tint, literary journalism, louise glück, love, madeleine l'engle, magnetic fields, making sarah uncomfortable, making up words, margaret atwood, mary janes, mary roach, memoir, mockumentaries, my cats, my sisters, names, naming inanimate objects, neurosis as hobby, neutral milk hotel, noah baumbach, nomenclature, north carolina, npr, orange-flavored things, pad thai, patty griffin, people-watching, photo booths, pi, pie, pop culture, procrasturbation, punctuation, queers, r.e.m, rain, red shoes, redheads, rilo kiley, road trips, sarah vowell, sarah's nut spectacular, schadenfreude, scrabble, sleeping a lot, slow pete, snark, sonnets, stephin merritt, stories, strangers with candy, t.s. eliot, the art of losing, the decemberists, the greenlife deli, the magnetic fields, the office, the pioneer valley, the royal tenenbaums, the simpsons, the talent family, the zoloft rock, thrift stores, tina fey, to kill a mockingbird, tomato nation, typewriters, vodka, wes anderson, wit, woody allen, words

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